High Performance Research Desktop

Are you looking to attract more users to your HPC system? Do you want to make your HPC system relevant to a broader user base? Creating a High Performance Research Desktop is a good way to lower the barrier of entry and attract non-traditional HPC users!

Consulting Services

HPC Service Design

Architect a new HPC service or redesign an existing one.

On-Prem vs. Cloud

Compare cost and performance of on-prem vs. cloud HPC.


Review or create usage policies and procedures for your Research Computing services.

Research Computing Requirements

Requirements gathering and analysis for new or existing HPC services or Research Compputing.

Benchmarking and Acceptance Testing

Drafting RFPs and support for benchmarking and acceptance testing.

Interactive Supercomputing

Building the case for a Research Desktop and Interactive Supercomputing.

User Education and Training

Support existing training programs or create new ones.